Our Story

What started as a mission to find a way to make it easier to make bunk beds turned out to be the biggest adventure of our lives.

We started at a Home Depot in Mandeville, Louisiana.  We soon realized Home Depot was not the place to start. So we bought a sewing machine, and I taught myself to sew by watching YouTube videos. (We decided it would be BETTER for me, Nita, to attempt the sewing). After many late nights and many prototypes, we invented the Better Bedder® sheet fastener. 

We then realized that inventing the Better Bedder® was the easy part. We had to find a manufacturer as our sewing was not that good. (You can learn only so much from the Internet!). The manufacturers wanted more production than what we could commit to as a small start-up. We were lucky and found a small sewing shop near our home town a few miles across the Mississippi River from New Orleans, Louisiana. Our first break!

Next, we headed to our local Saturday market to do research and seek feedback. We were amazed at the feedback and the comments. People were stunned. People were interested and wanted to buy. We soon started attending the Saturday market every week and we continued to make sales.  And so it began.

It turned out the Better Bedder didn’t actually make it easier to make bunk beds, and we are convinced that it’s probably best to just not buy bunk beds ever again.  What we did invent was something so much more.  We invented a way to help seniors, the disabled, neat freaks, sleepers who run marathons at night and kick the sheets loose, and people who want to make their beds but are too lazy. Now all these folks can make their beds with little effort. Fast. Easy. Neat. 

We now want to share our product with others outside of our little hometown. We want to spread the word about how our product is helping so many. We want YOU to see the benefits of the Better Bedder, which is made in America by seamstresses on sewing machines. We want to be on Shark Tank one day to tell our story. But most of all, we want you to love the Better Bedder as much as we do!

The son that started it all tells the story.